Improving efficiency in conference rooms and in computer classroom training

(EU funded development project, research for SMEs, former CRAFT)

Five European SMEs involved in designing and manufacturing multimedia switching networks (video, keyboard & mouse and audio) and three RTD performers decided to join efforts to innovate and develop the next generation digital multimedia switching network for computer classrooms and for conference rooms.

SCREENS is an innovative multimedia switching network for computer classrooms, language labs, meeting rooms and other demanding audiovisual applications. The system is controlled by an easy-to-use and stylish LCD panel containing programmable and localised soft keys and a keyboard. It enables digital video transfer and switching up to 20 meters and remote control of USB keyboard and mouse.

Multimedia switching network is an efficient tool for training in a computer classroom. Its most important function is to transfer computer images from the instructor's screen to the students' screens so that students can follow the lesson on their own screen. The advantage of the video switching network compared to data projector is that students are able to see all the small details of the instructed software in day light in all places in a large room.

Technological changes in classroom enviroment
The classroom of the future
Basic functions of the SCREENS system
Digital video switching network development
Digital video transfer research
Keyboard and mouse switching development
User interface panel development
Project basic information
Links to SCREENS products

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    Community Research and Development
  SkyVision Ltd
  Consorzio Roma Ricerche
  DataInnovations Ltd
  Systech Gbmh
  Datim Ltd
  Avision Ltd
  Electro-Hill Ltd
      Turku city government meeting room equipped with a Video Switching Network
  For more information, please contact the project coordinator: Mr. Jari Jolkkonen (MScEE)
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